Dub Caesar Apparel Party at Raw

This past Saturday, Eye Collector made a trip to Raw (608 South Fifth St) to contribute to the Dub Caesar Apparel party. Adam Killgore is the mastermind behind DCA with quality products, and a great base of followers to his brand, especially in his hometown. More notable followers include Philly’s own, rapper Freeway, who has been spotted in DCA apparel. He sponsors musical artists and rollerbladers, some of which have recently been featured on Hypebeast.

The video coverage from this event is provided by BAUent. Make sure to click on the link and check out the other videos on their channel. You can see some of the Eye Collector flyers in the background, and we are listed in the credits in the second video. Im glad to have participated in such a dope event! One down, a ton to go!

Owner/Founder of Eye Collector LLC.

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