Carson Collins

“I’ve been working on The Ocean Series for thirty years. I guess you could say that this conflation of a traditional marine sunset with a color-field painting, something that originally crossed my mind sometime back in 1978, has turned out to be a fairly fertile idea for me. Call it a Remodernist approach to the color-field tradition if you like, but I’m not trying to deconstruct anything, fit into any category, or prove any theories. The ocean, with its infinite variety and constant flux, is a motif that never ceases to fascinate me; and to say that this image of the far horizon and the dying sunlight has broad metaphoric powers would be to belabor the obvious. My two greatest influences as a painter have been Mark Rothko and Claude Monet; in a way, my paintings are only a kind of simple-minded formal synthesis of the two. At least, I hope they’re that good.”

Carson has been doing this for a long time. I love the theme of stillness, and the search for the perfect creation of it. Some of his solo exhibitions include:

Sarah Rentschler Gallery, NYC, NY, USA, 1980
Samadhi Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA 1982
Galleria Expressiva, San Jose, COSTA RICA, 1987
Norro Gruppen Konstgallerie, Stockholm, SWEDEN, 1991
Hodgell Gallery, Sarasota, FL, USA, 1994
Design Center of the Americas (DCOTA), Hollywood (Miami), FL, USA, 1996
Sekanina Contemporary Arts, Ferrara, ITALY, 2003
Elevator Gallery, Venice Beach (Los Angeles) California, USA, 2005

Carson tells me that right now he is working on the Third Annual Remodernist Painters’ Exhibition, which he is still not completely done setting up. Hopefully we will get word of that later.

You can buy posters, read his bio, get news and other links here on his website. Great work Carson! Each piece is truly amazing, and Eye Collector really appreciates such devotion as you have, especially for one series. You have truly mastered your craft, and it shows in the work.

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