Kevin Fitch

“My interest in art developed in my childhood as I grew up drawing and dabbling in different mediums. I have always been good at drawing faces, and I enjoy making my art as realistic as possible. I tried make-up artistry and special FX make-up, trying to take realism to the extreme. However, it did not give me the same range of creativity as drawing or painting. I like the realness and the emotions I can display and bring out of a portrait. Everyone can relate to feelings and emotions.

I started focusing on oil painting as my main medium of choice about seven years ago. I look for subjects that are beautiful, vivid, and realistic, yet sometimes a bit bizarre or thought provoking in that realism. I like to look at a subject and search more deeply to see it at an odd angle or from a different perspective.

My work is inspired by humanness, in that people are basically the same internally, although the outside may look different or weird. I think my pieces show that every face has some beauty in it. This is what I strive for in all of my art.

My previous experience with art exhibitions goes from coast to coast. I lived in Orlando, FL for three years, and displayed my artwork there. I also lived in San Diego, CA for just over three years, where I had two private shows in which my work was well received. I was featured in San Diego’s “Where” Magazine under the heading “Almost Famous.” Since moving back to Rochester I have been involved with the “Stop!Look!Art!” project, where I was chosen to paint three utility box murals in Sector four (19th ward). I participated in the ArtAwake group show in 2008 and 2009. I have had two solo art shows, one at Frameworks of Rochester and the other one at The Living Room Café. I most recently completed another utility box mural for the city of Rochester.”

I really appreciate the time and effort that was put into this submission. You know how the say a picture is worth a thousand words? Thats not true. A picture is worth more than a thousand words… take it from someone who invested hours a day in art school. A picture is worth a full blown, highly critical vs. praise-worthy debate of some sorts. But a well written artist statement does wonders. I also like the fact that all of Kevin’s pieces include eyes… it is certainly fitting of the Eye Collector theme, which is to gather visual attention. And in this case, eyes catch eyes, if you can follow that. Good work Kevin! You are more than welcome to advertise anything on the EC website.

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