Bradford Haubrich

So here we are, with yet

another artist out of Philadelphia! His name is Bradford Haubrich, aka “Plaid Brad.” He is good friends with Yis Goodwin, and after speaking to him for a while, he says that they only live several blocks away from each other. Good artists uniting is exactly what we could use more of! I only wish that I had an accomplished artist living so close to me. In the featured images, there is a variety of different painted objects, in addition to a couple of installations. I’ll be in Philly this weekend, but unfortunately will not be able to get in contact with Brad due to the fact that we both have tight schedules. However, he did inform me that he is working on an upcoming project, and that he would keep in touch, so hopefully we will see some more soon. But for right now, just enjoy the artwork and be sure to stop by his website, listed above.

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