Eye Collector Interviews Carlista Martin

I am very pleased to announce the very first, personal artist interview with Carlista Martin. I was honored that she drove all the way to DC from where she currently resides, in Richmond, VA. Not only is she an illustrator, but she is quite an intriguing individual. Her artist statement is quite unique, as if to match her personal style:

“The drawings I make are journalistic. They serve as the record of my existence, but I am occasionally more interested in depicting the world inside my mind than the one in my reality. I try to be as honest as I can without humiliating myself, because I only feel a piece has turned out well if it bares a little of my soul. When I can find the time, I try draw all my most frightening nightmares, my dirtiest fantasies, each of my best and worst days, and everyone I meet. Death, doubt, growth, sexuality, alienation, these have been my big themes. Consequently my art is often difficult for me to share, but I’m not interested in making art that’s all aesthetics. I want to make something huge out of all these pieces, a beautiful compilation that I can look back at the end of my life, and know exactly who I was.”

If her statement doesn’t put things into perspective for you, then just check out her featured images. We hope that you enjoy.

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