Swavor Clothing Brand for the DMV!

It is truly great to see a hometown team doing something great in the community, especially when it reaches out and has the opportunity to be on an international level. Swavor Clothing was founded in the DMV, has a hometown appeal, and is very clean-cut and crisp. The apparel is priced perfectly, and the products are of quality. Everyone in the area should definitely support the brand, as I know that they will one day go far in their journey to the top.

Here is an article on the new Swavor website:

“Swavor clothing, developed by, Shek Tarawallie along side Christofer Brito in Januray 2010, has become a distinctive and unique brand, appealing to a new generation of fashion. With its endless creativity and its divine quality, Swavor meets the intersection of urban apparel and casual wear.

Since being founded in the DMV area (DC, Maryland, and Virginia), by Shek Tarawallie & D’Rapheal Yates, Swavor has taken big leaps since its humble beginning. It has branched out to places such as London, and has participated in fashion shows across the United States including New York. With love from fans spreading all across the world, Swavor has delivered consistently to satisfy its customers, models, and employees. With satisfaction rates a perfect five out of five in each department.
With Swavor being suitable for all types of urban cultures and regions across the globe, there is no limit to its expansion. It is truly a brand of the new generation.”

Owner/Founder of Eye Collector LLC.

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