Franx Art

This is the artwork of Frank (aka Franx) Barbara. Franx is a humorous fellow who does illustration out of Toronto, Canada. As you may be able to tell, he gets his inspiration from posters, album covers, t-shirts, concept art, etc. His work includes lots of contradictions and unlikely pairings of complete randomness, which makes him that much more interesting.

I stated that he is quite the funny man. In his email to me, Franx says, “I like chess (the board game) not cheese the dairy food item. I have nothing against cheese, I just wouldn’t consider my fondness for it particularly significant enough to mention on here.” Well buddy, it got mentioned.

You can check out more of Franx’s artwork here. If you like what you see enough to check out his work on a consistent basis, then you can follow his blog.

Thanks for reading!

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