“6ft6in” Royal Blue Lamp by Grotesk

Some of you may have seen, read about, or even purchased the previous red and black colorway of the “6ft6in” handmade lamp, a collaboration between NYC artist Grotesk and Case Studyo. If you made the purchase, you know that you were one of only 23 people to get your hands on a true gem. Well, not much difference here except that there is now a royal blue and black edition available for preorder. We cannot share our inbox with you, but we’re saying that there is a way for you to be one of the first. The last release sold out almost instantly, and we anticipate more of the same. Numbered to 23 with 4 artist proofs, this item is worth much more than a price tag to some art enthusiasts and fans to probably the greatest basketball player ever. Check out Case Studyo to see how you can get ahold of this masterpiece.

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