Kickstarter Funding: Aplomb’s Creative Conspiracy Project

A good friend and designer that I’ve been working with for the past two years has launched a very special project today with Aplomb Clothing. The concept of the project is simple, but is one that is often overlooked in the fashion industry: Promoting meaningful artwork through streetwear. This should be something for every upcoming (or established) artist to consider contributing to. If successfully funded, yourself and everyone reading this would have an opportunity to share your artwork alongside other popular artists through an accredited brand. Tons of you have sent your artwork to Eye Collector, and it has been displayed on this website. If our website could walk around the streets of DC, New York, or wherever, you would probably get more notice. You now have the opportunity to spread your message wherever you, or anyone wearing your t-shirt travels to.

Fund this project today! >>> Kickstarter Link

Owner/Founder of Eye Collector LLC.

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