Shreds and Threads

Dec. 21st is proclaimed by many as Doomsday. I can tell you this- the new cycle involves a strong 2013 for a few local brands, all from the same high school. We’ve chosen to team up with Formal Eye, Dojo Shredboards, Good for Nothing, and Love is Skate.

Come party with us on Doomsday! The event will be held at MOCA Art Gallery in Georgetown. This will be the time for you to stop by and pick up gear, catch good vibes from our sponsored DJs, and have a few drinks. $10 for guys, $5 for ladies. One drink on us, then $1 beer and wine for the rest of the night. Mane Squeeze and Mista Selecta will be spinning on the 1’s and 2’s. We’ll be raffling off some gear as well. This will be a great time!

See you there!!

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