Tim Manthey’s Obscure Collages

Seattle native Tim Manthey, has been at this for quite some time. He introduced himself to the world of handmade collages after years of drawing, writing and producing lo-fi, surreal videos for public access television. After several months of creating, he orchestrated a series of whimsically disturbing dream narratives. The fictional worlds you see before you through employ vintage styles and motifs, and have a strong emphasis on thoughtful composition. Tim’s work is unsettling; humorous visions engage the eye and draw the viewer into his outlandish realms. Take a journey!

His artwork is shown at different venues and galleries around Seattle, and has been featured on the cover of Seattle’s The Stranger, To the Power of N, BOLO Magazine, The Panhandler, National Geographic’s Photo Society and will be included in the book Modern Vintage Illustration (Anova Books, 2012). Tim creates artwork on a continual basis, updating his blog weekly with new images, undertaking commissioned pieces, and hanging shows in Seattle.


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