Steve Loya’s Splotch Monsters

Recently, Steve Loya has been doing a bunch of art which contrasts the realism-based work we featured on the site a couple years ago. He’s been doing these for a few years now and everything is shaping together quite nicely. Each piece starts out with a fairly random paint splotch- sometimes coffee, tea, or India ink. After they’ve dried, Steve will bring them to life through drawing and adding detail. He labels these creations as “Splotch Monsters.” Last year he was approached by The SRK (Studio Rarekwai) to have some of these Splotch Monsters featured in their upcoming book, “Sticker Bomb – Monsters.” This book is published through Lawrence King Publishing, London, and set to be released in the US on September 5th, 2012. Check out some of the artwork!

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