Janesnation Illustration

About Janesnation Illustration:

“I am an illustrator and artist, born and bred between apple trees and skyscrapers.

In my art, the sarcastic and scary rub against the cute and beautiful. My creations carry a variety of influences, ranging from punkrock to morbid-underground. Fascinated with surgery, I like to unearth that which is usually ignored, hidden and goes unnoticed to probe into life, death and happiness. Most of my works start off with acrylic, inks, brushes, wax crayons or just simple pencil on paper, canvas, wood and fabrics, with some of them making it into the digital space for further refinement or modifications.

After numerous exhibitions in Germany and features in European magazines, I moved to Hong Kong to carry forward my art, prying about in the streets and alleys of Asian urban surroundings. Three years later I moved countries yet again, curious to see what I can dig up in the rainforests and volcanoes of Auckland, New Zealand…”


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