Heart of Solis

All artwork can be explained… Some much easier than others. I stumbled across the artwork of Antonio Torrez Solis, aka “Solis”, and was intrigued by the fantasy and imagination used to bring these pieces to life. Here is what the artist has to say about his work- a very direct answer that sums it all up in a magically vibrant picture:

“We Are Wildewood came to me in a dream. In that dream three animals spoke to me: a bear, a gator and a small song bird. The curious thing was where, they should have fur, hide or feathers, felt took their place. The three beings seemed to enjoy a symbiotic experience each taking a turn as leader of the group and all managed to speak as one. Their actions also mirrored each others. I asked them their names and they spoke in unison, “We Are Wildewood.” They inhabitated a lush and fantastical world that seemed to be organic/technological in nature. A wonderous juxtaposition to be sure. I woke up and drew the first sketches early in the morning of September 2010. We Are Wildewood was launched in two shows in December 2010.”

View more work through http://www.heartofsolis.com.

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