Artist Andrea Loyola started the brand lily&puka – illustration and toys in 2010 using methods of both illustration and crochet. Andrea tied both art forms together and created a whimsical universe of super cute and exclusive products. The brand is already being acknowledged internationally and surpassing barriers of traditional companies in her industry.

The illustrations can be categorized in two different universes: The illustrations are more child friendly and many pastel colors and whimsy scenarios. The sophisticated universe is filled with extremely expressive strokes without much use of color.

The crochet products by lily&puka have a variety of accessories and amigurumis. Although the art of making amigurumis was born in Japan, Andrea has developed the crochet creatures in an innovative way. Lily&puka’s amigurumis are always in some way linked to Andrea’s illustrations, which result in unexpected and whimsy creations.

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