Krissy Fernandez’s Surrealism

Krissy Fernandez is a Philippine-born, Guam-raised, San Diego-residing, full-time artist. She discovered the world of art at age three, when she “borrowed” her babysitter’s watercolor set and watched the chalky blocks dissolve under a trickling cascade of faucet water. The boundless stream of pigments ignited her interest of how colors interacted with each other, and an instant obsession emerged. Since then, her eyes have constantly studied her surroundings to analyze the visual relationship of light, lines, and shapes through nature, people, and human emotions. She inevitably records her observations through any medium available to her. Most of Krissy’s fine art pieces can be viewed as self-portraits, as they reflect on personal stories and life lessons that produce an intimate documentation of her life. Nostalgia, whether comforting or tormenting, and current engagements, which thrive on the subtle humor and ironies of life, are all called upon as inspiration for her paintings.

Currently, Krissy is an illustrator with art shows throughout Southern California, a fashion photographer youngling, and a graphic designer for Through extensive self-study and practice, she says that she will always be a perpetual student of the arts.

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