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The Open Door Gallery is the project of Rebecca Patterson MFA. Having completed her masters degree, she has taken on the ambition to give emerging talent and creative minds a platform in Aberdeen, hopefully creating more opportunities for a city where the art scene has room to grow. I attended the opening night to sample the atmosphere and was glad to see a few familiar faces amongst the crowd. I spoke to Rebecca and asked her for a few thoughts on the some of the artists represented.

The work of emerging artist Scott Cameron Gibson has peeled back layer after layer of creative inhibition, with works on canvas and mirror to capture breaking visual imagery and motifs. His choice of mixed media – acrylics, spray paint, graffiti markers and ink are intrinsic to the urban and street art vibe. His studio space, set up in an Aberdeen Tattoo establishment, has allowed him to develop and execute this large body of work for exhibition, the work often carrying on off the canvas and onto the walls, carrying forward to it’s street art roots.

Originally from Naples, the ceramicist Caterina Varchetta, has instantly recognisable work. Her passion for art, porcelain and every day objects have evolved into a career of unique pieces, each creation beguiling, humorous and warm. Having exhibited in Paris, Milan and London, Varchetta was keen to exhibit work in her new home of Aberdeen. Pieces are layered in different glazes before being fired in a kiln numerous times and different experimental techniques are often applied to create one off objects.

From the Czech Republic Katarina Chomova is currently in her honours year at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen. Her two pieces of work on display were taken from her third year of study, already incredibly strong and developed. Titled ‘Pripyat’ and ‘Chernobyl Heart’ her pieces have a melancholy and dark message despite on first appearances looking ornate and floral. Images almost obscured within the work hark back to photographs of the disaster area. Chomova painstakingly attaches thread to the canvass before painting and mono printing to give the work a ghostlike outlined effect.

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