Illustrations by Charlotte Oden

The best artists are the ones that can clearly define the purpose of their work, speak with intent, and persuasively bring those elements together to show individuality of each artwork. Charlotte Oden is a fantastic illustrator, and her artist statement makes her work that much more interesting.

“The work that I create as an illustrator combines many different interests of mine such as vintage fashion, flea market shopping, folk music and tactile materials. I am often told that the clothing I wear and the way I add ornamentation to my surroundings match my artwork. The themes that my works express are inspired by my fascination with antiques, trinkets, vintage photographs/illustrations and my dog. My style adapts to many different areas of Illustration such as editorial, fashion, lifestyle and textile design.

I am always interested in trying new techniques involving traditional and non-traditional mixed media. I have a background in fashion design and fibers arts, which has allowed me to study many different types of construction and materials. I am interested in combining various found and created fibers and objects into my work and integrating them into my sketching and painting style.

Currently I am working on a lot of location sketching as a source of inspiration for my finished work. After spending the last few months in France I have become more interested in letting my original sketches show through in my finished art. Most of the sketches I initially create are simply graphite or ink drawings that I usually take elements from for my finished pieces. Testing out new materials is important to me because of the problem solving process and exploration. Beeswax collage is one of the most interesting new techniques I have learned in the past year. I am working most often in a collage technique that involves watercolor, cut paper and fabric and texture gels.

I am a Freelance Illustrator currently living in Savannah, GA. I have a BFA in Illustration and a minor in Fashion Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design. I am originally from Wilmington, North Carolina and am planning on moving to New York within the next year.”

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