Aberdeen Annual Exhibit

Aberdeen Artists Society are holding their Annual Exhibition at Aberdeen Art gallery at present. The number of entries probably numbers well over 700 and a panel of judges and members whittled down to just under 250 paintings, sculptures, prints and textiles. Upon purchasing a catalogue, proceeds of these sales go to supporting Grampian Hospital Arts Trust (GHAT). This year’s judge was international artist David Mach. Prizes worth up to £10000 went to the following: 1st prize went to Gordon Brown for his ‘Night City Jazz’, second prize went to Alan Greig ‘Catterline to Tod Head’, and third prize went to Rebecca Westguard ‘The Housekeeper’. A selection of works is also purchased for GHAT: Chris Wells stream of large pen and ink drawn consciousness leaves you looking endlessly at the next story. Heather Wilson has drawn textile pieces. A Joe Fan oil painting has produced a somber coloured Bacchus. Graham Murdoch has a comic strip that pokes fun at ideas of Scottish identity. Emma Cooper sculptural use of cassette tape looks like it flows from invisible pipes from above your head… and these are just some of the fine works on display.
The exhibition in Aberdeen runs from the 5th of May until June 9th.

Image – © Shaun Macdonald ‘Protest Mickey’

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