Inside the Poetics of Space

Whitespace Gallery
11 Gayfield Square Edinburgh, Lothian EH1 3NT

Stephen Thorpe’s first solo exhibition at Whitespace in Edinburgh, is long overdue. The Skinny Prize offered from the back of New Contemporaries has given this artist a space suitable enough to show his exemplary interiors. The paintings have titles based upon various aspects of interior space as described in the work of Gaston Bachelard, describing relationships between our experiences. It also aims to show the importance of poetry and theatre in the way we interact with our surroundings, as well as the physicality and spatial relations between the real and imagined, between immediacy and memory.
There is a hint at a European influence as well as places visited in the locale. They seem unsettling with some half suspended shapes and objects, stark bright colour pushed against murky shades and dim lit areas. This gives way to the realization of wit and humorous ideas and concepts. The way is made open to consider the use of space and the importance of cultural past when looking to the future.
The works themselves mix a combination of picture planes, painterly marks, abstract shapes as well as realism. The paintings resemble fixtures that have been torn from the spaces they were created and re-hung in a calm white exhibition space. The vibrant colours play off against the umbers and browns and the intricate patterns lend well against the more chaotic drawn elements.

The show runs 28th April – 10th May 2012. We hope that our international readers will stop by!

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