Aliza Carillo

This is the artwork of Aliza Carillo, a recent graduate of Fine Arts from the Philippines. She is obsessed with dramatic pen and ink illustrations, adding little details using colored pens. If Pablo Picasso had a blue period, she had yellow movement, which suggests her state of evolution as an artist. An interesting perspective, she believes white paper to hurt the environment. She uses manilla paper for her original illustrations, which she then edits in Photoshop and Illustrator. Aliza also writes and illustrates children’s books. In fact, her thesis was about creating promotion strategies for “Luke Inside the World of Puppets” which she inevitably did. Her revolutionary mind reflected in her two artworks, “The Greedy” and “Third Economy Entertainment”. Growing up in a third world country, Aliza was very exposed to corruption, poverty and hunger. In nightly TV news, there are reports about murders, politicians versus other politicians, fighting for the leadership of a state, etc. She states that more often than not, she would avoid watching the news, in hopes to maintain positivity and a healthy sleep cycle. Aliza loves her country, just not the political aspect. Her artwork is an abstract form of her thoughts and overall vibe, which is truly unique. See for yourself!

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