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Surrealism is defined as: A style of art which the subconscious or nonrational significance of imagery arrived at by automatism or the exploitation of chance effects and unexpected juxtapositions. When I stumbled across the artwork of Ariel aka Arol, I couldn’t turn away. I believe inside everyone there is some sort of childlike fantasy which, with willingness to experiment and perfect a craft, can reveal deeper thoughts and emotions than those we can explain through words.

“Born in Argentina in 1974 and being creative by nature, I play with such magic in life out of sheer necessity. Along the way I have been able to release that magic in different ways since I was little. I spent my childhood between pencils and Legos when not playing dreamlike games. In my adolescence, I was seduced by vinyl, which turned me into a lover of music, an art witness of the late 80s and early 90s, and into a DJ. At 17, I experimented in the creation of my own music and poetry, but at 23 I decided to live out of the public eye to become the manager of various musical groups into whose careers I introduced visual concepts. Studying graphic design was a piece in my puzzle, like any other in other stages, in my search of a way to channel creativity, given that illustration is innate and intuitive. My professional path as designer and illustrator can be traced back 15 years ago to multiple and varied projects, which have evolved in my beloved Madrid since 2003. I have last experimented in the world of fashion in Spain doing vectorial illustrations for textile graphics applied on Magokoro´s T-shirts and sweatshirts for 4 years. In this work, you can appreciate my passion for music and my taste for both the Nippon culture and symbolic games which, together with spiritual concepts reinforce each other, leaving at times a surrealist atmosphere when I let my unconscious wander freely. Digital art has been one of my passions ever since I had my first computer in the early 90s; however, today I´m starting walking this new path in my search for absolute freedom with you as my witnesses (many of you…once again).


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