Charlotte’s Eagle

A portrait from 2008, and perhaps ahead of its time…

I have been making portraits since I was able to hold a pencil. From my early beginnings I made portraits, and many moons later here I am with a long list of portraits too long for one blog. I recently ran into one of my good friends, Charlotte. I met Charlotte at my local haunt the Roasterie in Calgary, who I might add makes one damn fine cup of coffee. When I first met Charlotte I knew right away that I wanted to make a portrait of her. So I did what any portrait artist would do… I asked her! And she agreed. So I took her photo and went back to the studio where over the course of a couple weeks, and a lot of discipline, a portrait came to life. Now this is by no means a typical portrait, for if you look closely you’ll see an eagle soaring towards you, flying out of a giant cloud bank from the general vicinity of her third eye. The eagle itself is a symbol of divine spirit, sacrifice, intelligence, renewal, courage, illumination of spirit, healing, courage, freedom and risk taking. Almost all of which I felt were traits Charlotte possessed. I also was thinking about the artist visionaries who would depict scenes on the outside of pottery reflective of the place the artifact came from, such as the pottery of ancient Greece. The end result is a portrait which depicts the essence of the subject, and a reflection of the courageous spirit that courses through her. It is also an example of what I like to call “freedom fighters”, fighting for their independence and self expression in a time where our very freedoms are being slowly taken away. So to Charlotte I say thank you, keep up the good fight, and to all of us that we find the courage to fly and follow our dreams and inspire to create a world that is truly our own.


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