Cosmic Jellyfish

Swimming with Cosmic Jellyfish

Immersed in the cosmic sea, the Gypsy Queen glides effortlessly through the deep blue, every moment so close to danger, within stinging distance of the cosmic jellyfish. This is her place of peace, a place where the everyday fades away and this miraculous place called Earth offers space to explore and go deep. It is interesting to this author that jellyfish populations are currently exploding, perhaps a reaction to the increasingly rapid degradation of Earth’s ocean, in part by us with the introduction of toxic waste, oil spills, tanker spills, nuclear testing and so on. I made this painting a few years ago. It hits notes on many levels, and it’s in the hopes of this author that through awareness and some effort, we can be true stewards of Earth and do our best as humans to respect the land and the ocean. We should hand this over to generations so they too can explore and find wonder and amazement in the natural world, on this beautiful planet called Earth.

Finding balance between the mind body seems simple enough on paper, but put that into practice and another story unfolds- Life’s lesson is the name of the game. One can go back in time and see events in their lives and try to find meaning after the fact, then try and rationalize why certain choices were made, and what the results of a decision are. In my relative short professional career of making art, 9 years, and perhaps all of my life, that heart has been at the forefront. The heart is followed by the mind, which wants to rationalize things. The spirit is omnipresent, although usually I find spirit communicates best at night and into the early morning. The poet/painter William Blake would know a thing or two about that. When the balance is off, there is the inevitable hardship… a funk. So what do you do? Do you listen to your heart? Do you listen to the rational mind? Or do you be a free spirit and go with the flow? All good options in their own, right? In my opinion, often times the answer seems to lie in the gut. Even if it is something you may not want to hear, the gut knows, because it is the gut that is the balance is between the heart and mind. So when the times get tough, the mind seems to be going in circles, and the heart’s shine is dimmed, go to the gut- that thing called instinct, or intuition. It’s the old adage that your first gut instinct is right, and what the Buddhist might call the right path. It seems so easy to say or write, but the fact remains that putting this into to practice is not so easy. If you go back to those moments in your life when times were tough; behind the emotions, pain and struggle, there was a little voice in your head guiding you the whole time. And if for instance a deep breath was taken, stepping back or walking away might have been the best thing to do. Just remember those lessons. Learn to trust your gut. Go with the flow and head towards the new.

Love to mall my family and friends and our home, Earth


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