Flashback Obama!

Flashback Obama! Remember when this man was not the president, just on the edge? I was in New York and the excitement was high, and the word, “change” could be heard block to block. The first black president, a new breath of life to a system that had lost its luster, was a new hope. During this period I decided to paint a series of Obamas, each one a response to dialogue I picked up at a coffee shop, the Roasterie here, or on a sidewalk there, or in a car… you get the point. Since then I have painted 4 Obamas in total, and just recently decided to begin work on the 5th. I have to wait and see how it turns out considering the state of the union, but I think it is going to be pretty interesting.

“Enough” – a poem about chasing a dream

When is enough enough
does one’s dream
overshadow another’s reality
are we free to just be
to express what is really on chest
or are we confined
to our own devices
thinking we are all connected
yet alone in our own little universes
when is enough enough
when does the fighting stop
when do the marches halt
so that fall can just be fall
and the masses
consuming consumption falls weigh side
to the beauty and the splendor of it all
so I ask when is enough enough
lets bring it back to brotherly love
and sisterly love
and motherly love
lets look around and remind ourselves that we are free
to be
to wander and wonder what if, and make it be
that is our gift
and so share it with the world!
what’s holding you back
perhaps left another poem

Greetings! Here we are blog 15, and it has been an exciting world to be in. Travels have etched deep rooted memories of the coast, the people, the stories, the beauty and the wonder. And what would the world be without the sour, so the sweet has a name? How you handle it is not for me to say. So the explorations were bountiful, the inspirations noted, and sails set for the east have brought me back to my hometown Calgary, Alberta, Canada. With plenty of coastal vibe and a fresh palette of glistening acrylics,  the usual suspects (brushes, talismans, wands, mediums, references, me, water, wine, etc) the creative verve electric, recharged by the mighty waters of Lady Pacifica herself carry on! The next few weeks look to be busy busy… I have lots going on, and so this blog I leave short for the next entry my friends. But before I bid you adieu, I would like to thank you.



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