Rainbow Catcher

Rainbow Catcher ~ painting and poem (painting is a work in progress; it is based on a story a fellow named Kamilo once told me on a visit to the big Island, earlier this year. It is based on a dream he had of
catching a rainbow in his hands. It touched me and led to this painting)

Rainbow Catcher

He knew the day would come
when he would stretch his hand out
and watch in amazement
as a rainbow would weave it’s colorful magic
through his fingers

When I was a little boy, I created. 36 years later and yes folks, I am still creating, led by my imagination and the imagination of those I encounter on my trips. Visions blossom and if the conditions seem favorable, a painting is born. I have been making paintings since 2004… Well actually, all my life, but really only since 2004. Around that time I decided to fully immerse myself into the practice of making art, so much so that art became my life. Over the years I have come face to face with immeasurable obstacles, when I started making art. I really had no idea what I was doing, I just went with it and began to develop a style or technique, and soon, techniques. All the while the mantra that got me through the many adversities was, “Art will take care of me.” The fact that I am able to sit here right now and write about this is indication that at least I have made it this far, mostly unscathed. It is important to note that the art world is a bit of a crazy universe, and one that at the best of times is difficult to predict. Through the years I have explored many facets of painting- each step building momentum, learning the tools, learning the rules, then breaking them. I have worked in many types of environments: studios, outside in the city, in a forest, next to the ocean, a hotel room, in a warehouse and in every instance was faced with new challenges that will push the limits of my abilities, only sometimes fretting, and tapping deeper into the process (reaching a Zen like state, when the woes seem so far away, and the work becomes effortless, or at least while you are working, haha). There are a few things I have picked up long the way, usually through some kind of life lesson, and will now share these with you. These are from my art journal, a book that I use for drawing, writing and these kinds of things; a handy tool to have. So without further adieu, I will begin with perhaps one of the most important tips I have learned, and it is as follows. “Do what is best for you.” Go with what you know, and stand up for yourself, when necessary. Set clear intentions and be discerning when working with others, because it easy to overreact to situations, usually a result of not listening to your gut at the right time. In every project you have a window to decide whether to go ahead, or walk away. It is very important to be aware of this window of opportunity, because once the momentum is going, and building steadily, well… you best be ready to ride it out. So be aware of what you are doing, because you cannot control outside forces. You can however control yourself, and believe me, I am the first to admit that this point has been at times missed. Usually as a result, things will go as they do when chaos sets in and the fear runs high. No doubt a shot of wild turkey might help ease the grip, but the reality is that when shit hits the fan, you and you alone have the ability to control yourself and deal with the situation, whatever that might be. You can learn from your mistakes, the trick is implementing the lesson so that the pattern can be broken. When you acknowledge that there are patterns in your life, it becomes perhaps less difficult to work at breaking free from the pattern. Trust yourself, trust that you are doing it, and that you are taking the steps you want to take. Trust that those steps are taking you on a journey you want to be on. Your freedom matters, and working within a world where there are multiple freedom seekers, by the billions, it is certain that the path will cross with some, who share their world with you. Accept that conditions will hardly ever align as perfectly as you had envisioned them. Or at least release expectations, in order to be open to sudden directional shifts, or changes in flux. Keep in mind these are just words based on observations and information sharing with peers along the way. You are the shaper, and whatever your tools may be, you will discover your own path. Sometimes this is by surprise… Sometimes maybe destiny, or maybe you just set your eyes on something and are going for it. No matter what, do remember that you are not alone. Just as you will discover your own path, you will also inevitably run into signs. Messages or clues left by previous explorers are guides for you. Pay attention to these, as they happen when you tune in. If you are caught up in a web, you might miss them. So again I say, do what is best for you. This may come across as self absorbed, or perhaps self preserving- it is, and it is also more than this. It is the fact that you respect yourself and in doing so will be able to generate great work if you let yourself go. Let the work work. Be prepared for the unexpected, because we do not know everything, even if we think we do. Bit by bit, peu à peu… soon obstacles become manageable, when preparation meets opportunity. Some may call it luck, but this is the collision of universal energy, that when channelled can amaze the senses, and send you spinning in euphoric glee, or something like this. As long as you are honest with yourself, the universe will deliver, even in those moments when it seems like no one is listening, or that no one cares, you will be amazed. So go ahead surprise yourself. Get creative, make art, make whatever you fancy. If you are still reading this, what the heck!?



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