Lessons Earned

“Destiny is yours to create.” -Unknown beautiful…

The rules of engagement vary from job to job, the modus operandi, everyone, and then everyone else, will provide an opinion or a piece of advice on how that goes, or how this goes. I am no different. In these words I write, there are inevitably an introduction of my own experiences, and lessons I have learned while on the artistic path. As you may or may not always realize, at the time, the presentation of life lessons along the path, will teach you something. Sounds easy enough, right? How many times have we heard the saying, “they don’t teach you that in school?” Well they do, except the school I refer to is the school of hard knocks, the school where one puts themselves out there, perhaps outside the box, or bubble, depending on how you want to see it, into the ‘real’ world; The place where all the supposable adults go to play, or lack thereof, and grind away and try to make ends meet ends… trying to survive, trying to make honest lives, or not. The rules will always change, and the tactics will remain the same- how to get ahead, how to stay above the surface, how to grow, how to realize dreams, or chase fantasies, etc. The list could wrap around her beauty, Earth, multiple times. Sometimes, as I have discovered over the years, multiple times, the lessons will be quite painful, they will push you to your max, and test you in ways that make Calculus look like a cake walk, and for some it is. So, how do you operate in a way that you and whomever you happen to be doing work for, will be able to get the results that both parties will be happy with? Well, there is no straightforward sentence or words that will ever sum up this ever so complicated, delicately balanced equation. Not one thing can surmise such complexities- not simple geometry, sacred geometry, quantum mechanical whateverism, nothing. So with this in mind, I will not go into all the factors to consider, but I will only provide some slice of truth, based on my own experiences, and take that for what it is worth. Not always are conditions going to be favorable to you, or any plan you have made up in your mind, or minds eye, or imaginative dream. There will be favorable conditions on the ocean, just as there will be stormy conditions somewhere else on the same ocean… keep this in mind. Ask yourself, “How far am I willing to go?” Know your limits and be prepared to push them further. On the Bassbus (www.Bassbus.ca) I wrote “Furtherer” on the left side, just under the driver. This is what I meant: Never provide more than what is asked of you, unless you are going to be able to handle the outcome, which can be just about anything. So, how far are you willing to go? 2012 might be on peoples radar… it’s maybe best left for 2012 itself to determine what the outcome will be, in the case of art. If you want to make art, best leave 2012 alone and dive into the work at hand, it is a good place to be. I have learned that good open lines of communication are a blessing, and sometimes they can go left, (or right) fast! Communication does work, just be prepared that your ‘clarity’ and the others’ ‘clarity’ are not always perfectly aligned. When push comes to shove, you have to be prepared that while communication lines are open, miscommunications and misunderstandings are a common occurrence and can make an easy solution into a quick nightmare, though even in a nightmare you can pretty much know for certain you will wake up! It happens. Perhaps it is human nature, or the state of the times, just make sure you take care of yourself. No matter who you think you might be, there will always be a challenge, a test, it is no different than the tides, or the cycle of the moon. It happens like clockwork, and it will happen again, time and time again. There are always going to be ups and downs along the way… so knowing this, accept it and be prepared. We are preprogrammed beings- it is not even up for debate. Be easy on each other, because clearly there is a change going on. People are beginning to think differently, or at least think outside the box they have been serving time in. This has challenged our freedoms, our dreams, our aspirations, and a huge factor in the game of life and how you want to play. “We are preprogrammed to ignore what does not fit into the market.” (A quote I heard in a podcast along the way. Excuse me for not remembering who… maybe someone out there has heard this). Fighting this is no easy game. It is something we all have to work with, learn about, and then modify or develop from new methodology, or ways of doing things. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes difficult, and in order to fulfill our roles as humans, we must adapt to ever-changing conditions and growing hardships. We must foster ethical practices to ensure that generations to come will foster, and thus goes the cycle of life (keeping in mind: natural disasters, hyper land degradation, hate, misunderstanding, war, famine, food, and so on). Nobody is exempt, We all live on this planet together, togather, and we will continue to do so until a new dimension is found, or a planet inhabited, or this story or that one. So it goes (K. Vonnegut) and so it does go. Until the next some words to maybe digest, slowly, take your time, and breatheeeeee. From me to you: Thank you, thank you, thank you, to it all, and you all. Keep up the good work!


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