Paint a Bus!

Eat and live by these basic guidelines. More to come soon, but here is a list to get going with (some tangents apply).

Quote: “You can paint anything” or “Fear not I shall captain this ship”. (both anonymous)

List for Big Hau, and possibly any epic painting project:

-avocados (a must)
-glacier fed springwater
-chips (kettled cooked crinkle salt and pepper) which are really bad for you, but good in moderation.
-superfoods (powder smoothie, goji berries (thanks Jane!), dark chocolate, and these kinds of things
-berries (blackberries, blueberries, raspberries)
-KitKat (put in freezer)
-coffee (from the Roasterie, Danish Breakfast)

-electric kettle (coffee, and heated water to clean airbrush) I had no heat inside, so I had to heat the water constantly, which meant going through more water than normal. Each time I had to change out water I went with two 2-gallon water containers… 200 steps to and from the water source, up to 4 times a day- this is a great workout, and mental practice. The water source was far away, never a good thing for a painter. It was located in a separate part of the warehouse, often dark with no lights on, which I eventually adapted to and could do it practically with my eyes closed… sometimes I did, unless of course someone might’ve come in at some point in the day. Often times I was in headphone mode, and that person would put out a 4 gallon bucket of something heavy, and my shin would crash into it- a zen moment for sure. More about this some other time…

-wine gums! (for your guests)
-fine wine
-really good tequila
-a seriously good attitude about mice
-a positive attitude, because it will get tested many times

-a van, if possible. Make sure it gets smudged, so bring some (eagle feather, sage, sweetgrass, palo santo, or whatever floats your boat.) This is key for sleeping, and if possible, place talismans in and the around the vehicle… this is a warehouse afterall, and God knows, or who knows, what the dickens has happened in that space before you arrived!

-crystals (books for reference material.) When I worked on Big Hau, Alex Greys Chapel of Sacred Mirrors was always close by. Wands, remote controlled helicopters, these kinds of things for when you go deep into creativity. It is always a good idea to have things that will bring you center when everything else turns sideways. Okay, moving on…

-mate (salad in a cup I am told) is always good, and a detox tea. You work with chemicals when you paint so keep this in mind. Always flush and do what feels right for the body… okay well, most of the time.

-drawings. “Trust your drawings”- Jamie Osborne

-projector, which helps for the large scale stuff. Go ahead and work without one if you want, but a bus has many multi-dimensions. Good luck.

-Kit Box! Paint, brushes, paint, brushes, mediums, various tools for throwing, mixing. You name it, every artist is different. Go with what you know, and learn what you don’t… leave that part up to other people, and you may be missing some big awesome surprises. Be willing to sacrifice, but remember that paint is expensive- use it smartly and always clean your tools. Put excess paint back into vessels… it is worth it on any scale project. I have only really learned this recently, so get your paint in bulk, which means pre-plan. Know your dimensions and how much paint it will take to cover a large object. No need to rush that part, it will only cost you in the long run. Save yourself and/or your clients money- it is a good idea.

-music, and lots of it. I like the podcasts… there are many, and the music that is going on around the world is amazing. Also sing while working alone, or whistle- it keeps things good.

-I chose to work really long days and sessions, because days became less relevant as the time progresses. You quickly learn to make your energy count, really! More on this in another segment… this part of the list is temporarily missing, and when the time is right I will present it.

Okay now, paint a bus! Wait… next entry.

Go to to learn more about Big Hau, and send me an email at I will do my best to get back to you.

Mahaloness to you all!


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