Flotsam Project Rescue (OFPR)

First a poem about an encounter with a Grizzly bear, named Putain de
Merde (Jr.), deep in the forest of British Columbia, Canada:

Mental space
walk to a forest
sit next to a stream
birds sing
nature’s scene
stream rushes
wind gently caresses leaves
Putain de merde!
time stops…
bear flees
it seems funny how close we really were

Okay my friends, welcome. Take a seat and let time stop for a moment, or eight… lets now take these moments to dive into creativity, or at least give rhyme to the reason. After a spectacular full moon here on the Sunshine Coast and a midnight dip into the coolish Lady Pacifica, I am happy to say that the paintings have been flowing and new ideas coming into fruition. It was a busy week of collecting driftwood and flotsam from the beaches- call it small scale, “beachcombing” if you will. It is incredible what kind of forms wood can take, after being bathed in the Lady Pacifica’s mighty waters. The trick has been to find pieces that have the right feel… how does one do this? Well, you pick up a piece of wood after spotting it on the beach of course, preferably farther away from high tide marks, so that is dryish. You feel it- if it feels good and the patterns and textures speak, then it is ready for the transformation process. Next step is painting process, the ritual, where space is made sacred, and the tools of the trade are set out after years of figuring this out… so that process is about the creativity channeling, and not so much giving energy to finding the right tool, or brush, or paints. I find that meditation is beneficial, painting is as much about breathing as it is the physical act of painting. Some may even call it concentration, whereby you are fully aware and present in the work that you are about to begin. It is difficult sometimes to cut through the mind chatter and quietly shut out the distractions, but is a must if you want to truly let go and immerse into process. After working with a lot of people in public situations this year, it has taught me that many obstacles lie in the way of creative expression for a lot of people, which can persuade them from fully immersing into the act of creativity. I think it is important to point out that creativity has long been associated with healing, such as working with colors that each have their own effect on humans, and which humans also carry associations with color; perhaps even there is a balancing act between color association and the kind of emotions or feelings that color can produce when observed. Keep in mind as well that texture, luminosity, plasticity, subject matter, and the application of paint on the human body is a legitimate medicinal practice!  So with this on mind, get out the old paint kit, or color markers, or watercolors, or spray bombs, and get into it. Hang out with an environment, observe, make notes or go by dictation, and explore! For the explorations are simply turning potential wonder into kinetic brilliance!
Q:What kind of paint do to use?
A: I roll with Golden products (no I am not sponsored, I did ask them,
they felt this was a slippery slope)- amazing pigments and is favorable to the kind of painting techniques I have practiced over the last 8 or more years.
So where to next my friends? That was a bit of helpful insight I hope… the thing about creativity is doing it, the analytical mind always wants to define the process- this may not be all entirely true, for there is so much more to process than the right way. It is an exploration. If you can surpass the obstacles, find that space that is flow, and go with it. Go without fear, without judgment,and  enjoy the journey. Heal mind, body, and channel spirit! (best to do between 9 pm to 5 am according to William Blake)

In the entries to come: the magic bus, how to paint a mural, diet, the artist journal entry, amongst many other topics!
Peace, love, mahaloness.

Thank you all out there in this beautiful world.


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