Cosmic Girl

Cosmic Girl – a poem to go with a painting:
If you saw me fall to the ground
Do you look at me as a fallen angel
Do you imagine that time disappears
Does your heart out speak your mind
Does your spirit connect to mine

This is a poem to go with the painting, Cosmic Girl (30 x 30 in. Acrylic on gifted canvas 2011, thanks to Bruce). I worked on this piece following painting a magic bus in a warehouse in a rural part of Alberta, during the coldest months of the year, most times by myself, over the course of 3 months. I had been away from a canvas for a little while, and it felt good to get the brushes out again, after working with predominately airbrush on the bus. I thought that I had lost my brush skills, which seems like a funny thing to say. Nonetheless it is something that antagonizes artists worldwide. The painting is an anecdote about someone who I do not know personally. The young woman in the portrait is based off a picture I saw… I felt she had a particular look that was universal; a longing to be in one’s heart, no matter what the circumstances or life journey- that among the modern world of crazy, one can find solace in their heart, a place that is free from judgment, ridicule and persecution.

Words to paint by…

I am rich beyond belief, I walk on feet that take me to where I want
to go, give me a paint brush and paint and let it all go. The ups are
up the downs are down, the moments too many to capture it all, so you
let it be and just let the painting form, patience always a companion,
lessons learned and wisdom gained, the arduous tasks part of the deal
if you want to play the game. Let art be play, encourage the spirit to
be free. When I am working it is as if I am deep in an ocean,
surrounded by vast calmness, even if storm wails on the surface,
untouched I go, free. Let go of the worry, let go of the heart ache,
let ocean consume you, let all worry be. The time is now, if you have
an idea, let it be born, for there is no better time than this time,
so let it be.

Last note:

I have been really wanting to write about the magic bus project. I realize I am not quite ready to do so; when I am I will. Thank you for your patience. Also wanted to extend a thank you to Marty out on the Sunshine Coast, your kindness and generosity are very much appreciated. Peace and love.



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