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Hello Eye Collector readers:
I have been working on a few new things that are evolving from some works that I completed at the beginning of the summer. I’ll have some photos to share in the next few blog posts, but still progress has been slow
due to the great heat we are facing in Texas. It takes a lot out of me to work in the studio so I have been taking on a lot of design projects for different companies. Mostly wrist watch design and some jewelry work.
I have a lot of experience under my belt as a fashion accessory designer and worked on Diesel watches for about 5 years. That has been one of the most exciting and rewarding art and design aspects of being an artist.
I got to travel a lot, but really hope to start getting more shows outside of Texas, so that I can travel with my art and meet new people around the country. The watch and jewelry design work really helped me as a fine artist because it
really tightened up my hand skills and made me better. So with this blog, I’d like to share some images of my watch design work since it really influenced me as an artist and made me think about art and design in different views.
If this work interests you, google me! There are portfolio sites with my professional design work as well as my fine art out there.

Thanks for reading!

J.Ice aka Skeptic1

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