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Welcome to Eye Collector, LLC! Eye Collector is one of the newest and fastest-growing art magazines for artists designers and companies alike. Unlike other art magazines where articles are submitted for advertising, Eye Collector advertises the artists themselves, as members. Artists promoting artists. Promote your artwork, art projects and events here, and spread the word. What better way to promote art than through our credible art blog of credible artists?

Why start an art blog?

At Eye Collector we love art, visually-stimulating and unique works of varying media. Formally established in 2011, Eye Collector has been running and operating as an art blog and art magazine since late 2010. And we’ve been growing ever since.

We launched Eye Collector not only because we love art. We wanted to provide a platform for artists to get their artwork out there. In the world of art, there are so many artists who deserve to have their artwork displayed on a larger scale. And that’s why there’s Eye Collector. We put your art online. It’s that simple. …You’ll be hard-pressed to find another art blog and or art magazine like this one!

About the art magazine…

Soon, very soon, the in-your-bones-you-can-feel-it soon, Eye Collector will be launching its very own art magazine print publication. This opportunity is huge. Get your name out there in the most unique, visually-stimulating way possible: the Eye Collector way. Get at it now!

And about the owner of this art blog, who’s he?

The term “Eye Collector” refers to anything that stimulates visual attention. That’s who I am, a stimulator of visual attention. I began this art blog with the sole purpose of promoting visual art and artists in the best manner possible, and to provide the Eye Collector℠ team members with a creative outlet. Promoting and helping artists receive the exposure they deserve on the coolest art blog and art magazine out there— that’s how I want to make my living.

Besides a great art blog, what else does Eye Collector do?

We help other artists and companies get going- Check out our Project Hosting! The team members here will provide any visual services necessary, as well as full media coverage and hosting to help you achieve the exposure you’re wanting. We have already helped many, and we want to keep helping more! That means YOU!

If you are passionate about artwork (first and foremost), writing, journalism, event coverage, company promotion, and so on; visit the Get Involved page for more information. If you want to help other artists succeed through this art blog, I will make sure that Eye Collector does everything it can to accommodate you as a team member, and help you grow within a company.

Now go explore our art blog!

And have fun doing it. We’re sure you will. If you have any questions, swing by the Contact page and drop us an email. We promise to get back to you very soon.

Thanks for visiting. Come back soon… we update a lot. A lot.

© Eye Collector℠ 2011. “Gathering Visual Attention”

Owner/Founder of Eye Collector LLC.

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